A New Direction

While I haven’t updated this since I’ve started, I’ve had quite a realizations since then.

We are looking, more than over, for a realistic worldview. Throughout most of human history, “realistic” meant much less pessimistic compared to the prevailing wisdom. Only recently – and accelerated by social media – has that dynamic flipped. Being cautiously optimistic is not only frowned upon, but almost non-existent from leading national figures for a least half a decade. Not only does it make good political sense to move into this under-served sector, but I believe morally and practically as well this needs to enter our political conversation.

I will hopefully update soon. This is very therapeutic, if nothing else. Keep your head up and always think critically.



About The New Outsiders – Why Do We Exist?

There is a new anti-establishment fervor growing in the Republican Party, swept under the rug by party leadership but slowly infecting conservative operatives and younger officials within the current structure. As with all outsider movements at their infant stages, most speak quietly (or not at all) about their dissatisfaction with the status quo. This is an attempt to bring this phenomenon out into the open and give support to those who feel alone in the current landscape.

This is the new center-right; we are the new outsiders.

Our dissatisfaction with the party began at different points. For some, the Roy Moore senate shot-in-the-foot was their breaking point, some joined after witnessing their local and state parties become radicalized, a significant amount were simply turned off by Trump and his lack of conviction (conservative or otherwise) beyond personal benefit, and many came to the realization after witnessing first hand the callous embrace by party leaders of 2020 election conspiracies – when most privately acknowledged it was a lie – simply to be use as a grifting method to raise funds.

Some of us supported Trump both years, some changed their minds, and some were Never-Trumpers. But the focus on Trump is part of the problem with the party in general. We not only desire but know electorally the party must move on from their co-dependence on a losing politician (with nebulous ties to conservatism to begin with) before they can regain power. This is a non-starter with the current Republican establishment…but that’s what created an outsider movement like this to begin with.

Unlike the extremists, there is no ideological media to support us, with the current Republican establishment afraid to upset far-right media, alienating untold numbers of potential supporters. Attempting to court the dishonest mainstream, left-leaning media has been the death of many promising center-right campaigns. While center-right candidates are far more likely to win (and to represent their constituent’s conservative values far more effectively), they have no institutional support remaining. Fraudulent organizations like The Lincoln Project, led by over-paid beltway consultants interested in asspats from the left-leaning media, have harmed the center-right cause deeply and created a bad impression overall within the party.

The issues facing a true center-right conservative running for office have been compounding over the years. While the issue with organizing moderates (as opposed to unrepresentative activists) has always been an issue, today there are numerous more obstacles. There are no center-right interest groups of note and no counterbalancing moderate force tolerated within the current party. While our views represent not only the party rank-and-file but American voters overall, we have been out-shouted, out-organized and shouted down with the Republican party for nearly a decade.

We are back, and not going anywhere. The New Outsiders have arrived.