How Zelensky Saved The West

Zelensky single-handedly slapped the West out of it’s thirty-year cynical downward spiral in such a visceral and consistent fashion – and in such a short time – that there really isn’t a comparison to draw on.

The Center-Right’s Three Decades of Self-Sabotage

While I’ve been very clear about my dislike of ideology as a concept at all for it’s multitude of flaws (and will be the subject of an upcoming post), to completely deny it’s importance and (especially) relevance requires a pretty damn high level of stupid. I use a multitude of terms to describe my views,…

A New Direction

While I haven’t updated this since I’ve started, I’ve had quite a realizations since then. We are looking, more than over, for a realistic worldview. Throughout most of human history, “realistic” meant much less pessimistic compared to the prevailing wisdom. Only recently – and accelerated by social media – has that dynamic flipped. Being cautiously…

About The New Outsiders – Why Do We Exist?

There is a new anti-establishment fervor growing in the Republican Party, swept under the rug by party leadership but slowly infecting conservative operatives and younger officials within the current structure. As with all outsider movements at their infant stages, most speak quietly (or not at all) about their dissatisfaction with the status quo. This is…

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